Neurosurgery is a branch of medicine dealing with the surgery of the nervous system, i.e. diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the nervous system conditions. The area of interest in neurosurgery includes the brain, spinal cord, the spine and peripheral nervous system. Typical conditions requiring neurosurgery are spinal cord, brain and nervous system traumas, cancer of the spinal cord, discopathy, degenerative changes.

Diagnostics in neurosurgery is mainly based on magnetic resonance and computer tomography. Jopa Clinic offers such examination due to its cooperation with the partner: “Tomograf”, at Batorego 17/19 in Toruń (the building of Municipal Hospital).

For patients who have undergone neurosurgery or those who are before the surgery the Clinic offers a wide range of rehabilitative services. The process of recovery is possible only in the course of individually applied therapy. It covers specialist manual techniques and therapy on neuro-fascial structure. Targeted therapy helps to restructure the tissue and removes blockage on the mobility of the spine. In order to maintain the effect of the therapy specialists run individually selected exercise to strenghten the stability and mobility of the spine. The therapy can be complemented with physiotherapy. Laser regenerates scars, and electrotherapy supports muscle functioning.

Doctors (neurosurgery)

dr Marcin Wierciński
marcin wiercinski


A Consultant Neurosurgeon. Graduated from Medical Department at Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz. He specialises in surgical spinal treatment (discopathy, spondylosthesis, fractures).

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dr Robert Bylinka
robert bylinka1


Graduate of Medical University of Gdańsk, at present he in the course of obtaining a degree in Neurosurgery. Passionate about the issues connected with the structure and functions of the nervous system, Neurosurgery and Neurology.

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