ESWT shockwave

ESWT shockwave is one of the most effective methods of treating musculoskeletal pain. The wave is emitted under pressure and transferred to the transmittor at the end of the applicator and further into the tissue. It carries high energy to the patient’s painful spot. This energy promotes regeneration and 80% of the patients feel considerate relief in the aching parts just after 2-3 sessions.


  • heel spurs, plantar fasciitis
  • tennis elbow
  • jumper's knee
  • sore Achilles tendon
  • pain after limb injuries (after hematoma)
  • painful shoulder
  • wrist pain
  • hip pain
HILT high energy laser

HILT, high energy laser is one of the most modern methods of relieving is a quick and noninvasive method of acute pain management, fighting inflammation and degenerations and stimulating regeneration of the body. High energy emitted by the laser penetrates deep into the body without thermal damage to the tissue (up to 12 cm).


  • spinal and joint pain
  • joint and muscle trauma
  • supporting post operational rehabilitation
  • acute, subactute and chronic inflammation
  • trigger point therapy
BOA pneumatic massage

This therapy aims mainly at improving venuos and lymphatic circulation . The technique is based on a series of rhythmical strokes of high pressure applied over the body.The device uses pumps allowing the chambers quickly regain predefined pressure through the compression sleeves. It is a painless, relaxing and stress relieving treatment, which brings instant and visible effects. Using the massager allows to relieve swollen, tired and heavy legs, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, helps the body to remove excess water and toxins, nourishes and increases blood supply in the muscles.


  • lymphatic insufficiency
  • venous insufficiency
  • upper limb oedema after mastectomy
  • lower limb oedema
  • gout
  • fatty oedema
  • cellulite
  • slimming
Continuous Passive Motion

CPM, or Continuous Passive Motion supports passive and active movements of limbs. It is a postoperative procedure designed to aid in recovery after joint surgery, stroke or trauma. Passive range of motion of the splint is programmed so that the joint is moved without the use of the patient’s muscles. The motorized CPM device gradually moves the affected joint through a prescribed arc of motion for an extended period of time. We talior the therapy to each patient, which enables them quick recovery direct after the injury. Time is of great importance in the recovery process and the splint is a perfect solution for those who wish to accelerate their return to agility after the surgery.

The most common indications for splint are after:

  • surgical treatment of lower limb fractures,
  • hip arthroplasty,
  • knee arthroplasty,
  • arthroscopy and reconstructions of the knee and ankle joint,
  • sprains and dislocations of lower limb joints.
Local cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a treatment that uses extremely cold temperatures to help alleviate pain, inflammation, joint problems, oedema and similar afflictions. State-of-the-art device used in our Clinic is equipped with infrared detector measures the patient’s temperature of the skin, which makes the therapy safe and allows to detect the inflammation in the body.


  • oedema
  • hematomas
  • post-injutry conditions
  • muscle tear
  • dislocation
  • sprain
  • postoperational conditions
EXOGEN – bone healing system

This device supports healing of fractures and is a noninvasive therapy of healing unions or resolving non-unions. The device transmits low intensity pulsed ultrasound through and around the bone through a coupling gel. Scientific research proves that pulsating ultrasound of low intensity stimulates the cells to grow and fosters protein expansion, which is necessary for healing of the bone tissue. The patients undergoes treatment once a day for about 20 minutes until the bone heals. Treatment can be applied individually, at home, there is no need for the patient to visit the Clinic. The treatment is painless, some patients may experience light tingling sensation.

Indications for EXOGEN:

  • treatment of fresh fractures
  • acceleration of treatment after osteotomy
  • acceleration of the distraction osteogenesis procedure
  • treatment of delayed adhesions or non-union
  • treatment of fatigue fractures
  • treatment of joint stiffening

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