Neurology deals with disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system. Long, persistent, severe and frequent pain, mobility disfunction, speech impairment and sensory disturbances are signs that one should consult with a specialist. Also spinal conditions require a visit at the specialist. It is important to know that neglected spine conditions of neurological background may be hazardous to health. Fainting and loss of consciousness are particularly dangerous and should be treated with ultimate care. One of the most common disability, affecting particularly the elderly (but not only) is memory impairment. It may also be of neurological background.

Diagnostics of neurological disorders is mainly based on magnetic resonance imaging and computer tomography. JOPA Clinic offers such tests due to its cooperation with the partner: “Tomograf”, at Batorego 17/19 in Toruń (the building of Municipal Hospital).

Patients who need neurological care can be consulted with dr Angelika Golińska.

There is a wide rehabilitation offer for patients suffering from neurological conditions or those who seek recovery after an illness. The main role of rehabilitation is to stimulate regenerative reserves in the body to foster recovery of the impaired bodily functions. Therapy for patients with neurological conditions is based on neurophysiological methods such as PNF Method. In case of spinal conditions therapy is based on manual therapy and exercises stabilising the spine.

Doctors (neurology)

dr Angelika Golińska
angelika golinska


Neurologist with a wide area of expertise gained at Neurology and Stroke Deaprtment of Provincial Polyclinical Hospital of Toruń, at present based at Neurology Department of Municipal Hospital of Toruń. Consults and treats central and peripheral nervous system.

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Karolina Zacharewicz-Talarek


Doctor neurologist, certified in the field of EMG. Graduate of the Medical University of Gdansk, she has been working in neurology since the beginning of her career - for 12 years she worked at the Department of Neurology and Stroke Treatment in Torun.

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